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Wait | Advent video for download

If you’ve not tapped into Proost’s excellent resources then you really should. The ‘Wait’ video I created for Vaux some time back is really good for advent, and can be downloaded here. It was filmed at a local station in London, using the monitors that the drivers use to check doors are clear. Unfortunately the [...]


Advent[ures] in Incarnation [12] | The Wondrous Gift is Given

Whenever a gift is given, an invisible cargo is exchanged with it, loaded with semi-conscious messages about power-relations between giver and receiver. Offering an expensive gift to someone can be a power-play: I am rich enough to give you this. Even letting someone out into traffic can carry the same message: I am more gracious [...]


Advent[ures] in Incarnation [10] | Brother Hare by Katherine Venn

I absolutely love this advent poem by Katherine Venn. She’s currently doing a Masters in poetry at the University of East Anglia, and keeping a blog of the experience over at Minute Particulars. Brother Hare Born with your clothes on, trembling in your scrape, wide eyes open, soft, as new things are, warm; alone, pressed [...]


Advent[ures] in Incarnation [8] | Advent Poem | Post-Partum

Post-Partum Amniotics spilt, and semiotics rupture; there are no words, just raw screams and suckles. Child of God, child of man – no difference: new life is unmoored emotion, a wide sea of tears and sick, and just one desire: to feed, gather in, be mother-close. But God won’t stay. Controlled crying; separation an immediate [...]


Advent[ures] in #Incarnation [4] | God Looks From the Distorting Human Perspective

Whenever we engage ‘the other’ we have to overcome our fear of doing so. Engagement that holds no such fear is not engagement with an ‘other’; it is easy to love what is lovely – we are called to overcome our fear and love that which is not. As we consider the grounds of the [...]


Advent[ures] in Incarnation [3] | Advent Poem | Caesarean Sections

Caesarean Sections The bitter old man stands at the gates of the earth waiting, watching, guarding the only entrance and exit to this citadel planet. The babies file in and the dead file out and he watches them, grimly keeping count. He watches, he waits he shivers to shake tired cold from old limbs, for [...]


Advent[ures] in #Incarnation [2] | ‘The Mysteries of the Humans are Mysteries to the Humans Themselves’

The first window on the calendar opens. The scene begins… As I wrote in the previous post, one of the fascinating things about the Incarnation is that it stands as an actual interruption, a marked moment of time with a before and after. Nothing was the same before, and nothing will be the same again. [...]


Advent[ures] in Incarnation [1] | A Serious Man | Incarnation as A Comic God Making a Tremendous Joke

So the season of Advent comes around again. The waiting, the cold bite of the wind, the familiar carols reheated. Hopes and fears. It’s my favourite time of year, I think, partly because the event of the Incarnation is still just so impregnated with mystery and rich with metaphor. So I’ve decided to write a series [...]


Throughout December: Advent[ures] in Incarnation

Just to say that I’ve decided to blog a series of ‘Advent[ures] In Incarnation’ throughout December, looking askance at this most profound time of year with some thoughts, poems, links… and whatever else takes my fancy. Probably be posts every couple of days, so look out for them, spread the word etc. Looking forward to [...]