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“This is a brilliant work” – Phyllis Tickle    |    “A work of rare beauty” – Peter Rollins


Noisy neighbours, international terrorism, racism, teenage violence and religious fundamentalism… from the personal to the local to the international and theological, it is our failure to engage ‘the other’ that is at the heart of so many of the problems we face. Beginning with Jesus’ instruction to love God as we love our neighbours, and drawing in pirates, Facebook, Heidegger, AA Milne, hospitality and Sartre, ‘Other‘ explores how we can better engage ‘the other’ within ourselves, our faith and our communities.

Drawing on my work in London as a Maths teacher, education writer, poet, father and theologian, this ‘accessibly and highly original’ work prompts us to reconsider the key question of ‘what kind of selves do we need to be in order to live in harmony with others?

You can order it here (UK). News on a US release available shortly – sorry, you’ll have to import for now!

Some lovely people have said some lovely things about it already:

Half-mystic and half hard-core intellectual, Brewin here offers us an intimate, personable, completely accessible and, at times, hauntingly beautiful engagement with the hard questions of emergence theology. This is a brilliant work. It illumines with reverence and care the paradox that is faith, even as it speaks, always with vigor, of love and the reality that lies at the center of our not-knowing.

- Phyllis Tickle

By turns startling, heart-warming and thousght-provoking, Other opens up old themes for a new generation. There are plenty of books that tell you what you expect to hear. This, I’m happy to say, is not one of them. Drawing on a mixture of sources from philosophy, history of science, sociology and theology as well as lots of personal anecdotes, Other explores the challenge of understanding the self, as well as God and other people, as being the challenge to accept and love the “other” – not just in theory, but in the ever-changing culture of the 21st century.

- Maggi Dawn

With his new book Other, English author Kester Brewin joins Peter Rollins from Ireland and David Dark from the US as leading public theologians for a new generation of thoughtful Christians. He moves gracefully from Scripture to philosophy to pop culture to sociology and back to Scripture again, offering fresh, honest, and needed insights at each turn. I look forward to keeping up with this important voice in the years ahead.

- Brian D. McLaren

A book for mystics and poets and troubadours of a new world. Brewin invites you to look into the eyes of others and squint a little — to see the image of God.  He dares you to see the world with new eyes — to look into the mirror and see one who is beloved, to look into the eyes of the orphan and see Christ, to look into the eyes of those whom we find hard to like and catch a glimpse of the One we love.

- Shane Claiborne

In our socially networked and technologically advanced world we remain surrounded by mystery: the mystery of others, the divine mystery and mystery that we are unto ourselves. ‘Other’ masterfully explores how we might embrace this often complex reality and draws out how love of that which is other is central to the Christian experience. This is a work of rare beauty.

- Peter Rollins