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The New Conspirators

Conspirators-Cover-UkThere are lots of reasons why you really should go and buy Tom Sine’s new book ‘The New Conspirators‘, and none of them are that it’s got a quote from me telling you to on the back.

One of them would be that I think it’s the best looking Christian book I’ve seen for ages. Really good design work. Unfortunately, the US version is the usual pap, so you’ll have to go direct to Paternoster and get the one that’ll properly grace your shelves.

Another would be that Tom Sine is a genuinely incredible person. Carson can talk about ‘Becoming Conversant With the Emerging Church’, and others can prattle on about the emerging conversation; Sine actually is conversant with a massive number of people from around the world. When he tells stories, people ought to listen.

When the great book of life is opened, some would see it that it’ll be the stellar Christians like Mclaren, Baker, Rollins and Wallis who should get all the plaudits. I wouldn’t want to take anything away from any of them, but quietly, ‘one mustard seed at a time’ Tom has been actually inspiring people to do the stuff. It’s a quiet, background role, perhaps, but I think if you could trace the significance of his words and actions through all the things that have happened because of them, you’d have quite an amazing list. Vaux certainly owes him its existence in many ways.

So go buy the book and get some low down on the real stuff people are doing beyond the spun-sugar of so much else that markets itself as the emerging conversation. And you’ll have a nice looking cover to boot too.


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