Tag: Arts

  • Cans Festival | Get Your Stencils Ready


    “A street party of stencil art” Leake Street, London Waterloo. 3-5th May. Technorati: London

  • Slow Media ¦ One Day Poem


    Beautiful piece flagged here. The lines of a poem appear and disappear on the floor of a pavillion as the sun moves, shining through precisely arranged perforations. The artist, Jiyeon Song, is concerned that we are rushing too quickly through our finite life, and missing so much by doing so.

  • Stem Sell Research


    Not content with starting a whole new business model for selling music, Radiohead have also now worked to subvert the remix business by making the stems of one of their tracks, Naked, available here. Nice touch. Release the DNA, see what evolves. See what people have grown, and vote, here. Technorati: Naked

  • Becoming Christian ¦ Kierkegaard


    Another excellent programme from BBC’s In Our Time, which this week looks at Soren Kierkegaard. It’s a really good introduction to his thinking, and has some wonderful sections around the idea of subverting those who consider themselves to ‘be’ Christians, and how Kierkegaard considered this to be impossible… There’s also an honest confession from a…

  • Time and Chance | Theology | Sport

    It’s been a huge day of sport in the UK. Depressingly the team I support got dumped out of a cup competition, and England were also beaten in a big rugby international by Scotland. But later on, Jonny’s team – who’ve had literally hundreds of millions of pounds spent on players since being bought by…

  • Crazy for God | Frank Schaeffer at Greenbelt 08

    “I’d rather be arrested for shoplifting than ever be an evangelical leader again. There was a certain basic and decent honesty about stealing pork chops that selling God had lacked.“ It’s only March, I know, but I’ll put a punt on Crazy for God still being one of my top 5 books of 2008 in…