Slow Media ¦ One Day Poem



Beautiful piece flagged here. The lines of a poem appear and disappear on the floor of a pavillion as the sun moves, shining through precisely arranged perforations. The artist, Jiyeon Song, is concerned that we are rushing too quickly through our finite life, and missing so much by doing so.



2 responses to “Slow Media ¦ One Day Poem”

  1. Thanks for sending this our way. I appreciate the encouragement to slow down and listen to the cues around me, to pace my life in accordance with factors beyond my immediate control. Along these lines, I’ve tried a little experiment this year–when the days got shorter and the birds all flew away, and my own body began to crave sleep (and sweets) I decided to slow my pace, to demand less of myself during this season of rest. Not only was it the most healthy winter our family has yet experienced (since our transplant to the northern US), but as the birds return and daffodils begin to bloom, I’ve found my energy and productivity reappearing in a gradual, spontaneous sort of way. Any reminder that time is not the enemy, but can be an ally to deep & true living, is a gift we do well to accept.

  2. this is indeed beautiful – thank you for sharing it