The Open Office ¦ Liturgy Share

Arh012_y The Artists Formely Known as Vaux have just launched a project called The Open Office. (Here’s one of us at work 😉

What we’re hoping to achieve is simple: an open-source, online space to resource a liturgical rhythm of life. A monastic office… but for the emerging city.

Over the years we’ve written a whole load of great pieces, and it seemed a shame that they were only really used once. And over the course of this year we are trying to create new pieces for whatever’s going on: daily prayer, birthdays, dedications of children… even A Prayer for a Meal on a Tired Evening After a Day of Struggles in the City. A full list of what’s there so far is [ here ].

But this is about us; the aim is for as many groups as possible to join and share their resources too. If you’d like to be able to post, leave a comment here or email theopenoffice {at} vaux [dot] net and we’ll send you an author invitation. Include the name of your group so we can add a category for you. Then read the posting guidelines and get sharing.



2 responses to “The Open Office ¦ Liturgy Share”

  1. This is beautiful, Kester. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I shall link it soon and see if there are any contributions my community can make.

  2. Great. Just let me know if you want an author invite. The more the merrier 😉