Happy Chris™as Everyone!

Have a great few days. Here’s to the Trojan Baby.

Caesarean Sections

The bitter old man stands at the gates of the earth

Waiting Watching

Guarding the only entrance and exit to this citadel planet.

The babies file in and the dead file out

And he watches them

Grimly keeping count.

He watches He waits

He shivers to shake

The tired cold from his limbs

For he must stay awake

For the one they say will attempt a salvation.

He keeps one eye on the horizon

On the distant reaches of the future

Where-from surely his nemesis will ride with armies

And demand entry:

The battle of the gates of the earth

So heighten awareness and tighten security and all the while…

He does not notice the infant God

Slipping in among the embryonic ranks

Of those awaiting entry.

Become powerless

To slip the trap of the powerful.

A Trojan baby

Now inside the citadel planet.

Waiting, hiding, growing

Evolving an inner salvation

(The original subversion)

© KB 2004


2 responses to “Happy Chris™as Everyone!”

  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours Kester. Have really appreciated your blog. Look forward to making it a regular stop in the New Year.

  2. Trojan Baby! What wonderful imagery. May you be filled with Tides of Yule, and may Mary’s prayer fill your heart.