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Wikiklesia: Voices from the Virtual World

I am really pleased to have been able to contribute a chapter to a great new book: ‘Voices from the Virtual World’. It’s been put together under the umbrella of ‘Wikiklesia’, which is a collaborative publishing project. "Voices of the Virtual World explores the growing influence of technology on the global Christian church. In this [...]


Come to Church With Me Tomorrow!

In Second Life, that is. A few of us are going to check it out. I’ll be KFrank Repine, and Zack’ll be there as Depak Soderstrom. I guess we’ll start true to type and hang around the back first Service kicks off 5:30pm UK, and that’s 9:30am PDT. See you then. I don’t seem [...]


Second Life | Second Incarnation?

I was curious. I had to have a look. So ‘KFrank Repine’ entered the Second Life universe and judderingly wandered around trying to make some sense of it all. I couldn’t. So I walked into the sea and logged off. Have I drowned now? Part of me simply wants to mock this whole world, but [...]



Don’t get it. Don’t want to. Hope I never will. Ditto any other ‘microblogging’ nonsense. It’s ever-more candyfloss communication in an age of increasingly vacuous relationships. No content:No thanks. Technorati: Blogging | Blogs | microblogging | twitter


Web 2.0 Banking | Put Your Money Where Your Mouse Is

Taking ‘Social Networking’ and web trust networks to a whole new level Zopa is a platform for investors and borrowers to get together, totally by-passing the main-stream banking networks. You can invest a small amount each month by direct debit, or a larger lump sum. By spreading your investment around they minimize the risk of [...]


The Open Office ¦ Liturgy Share

The Artists Formely Known as Vaux have just launched a project called The Open Office. (Here’s one of us at work What we’re hoping to achieve is simple: an open-source, online space to resource a liturgical rhythm of life. A monastic office… but for the emerging city. Over the years we’ve written a whole load [...]


Before you can love thy neighbour, you’ve got to meet them first… | Social Networking

Which is where Peuplade comes in. (You can read the BBC’s article on it here.) It’s a Parisian social networking site that is helping people to meet their neighbours.  Which is great. Sort of. Of course it’s a positive thing that people are meeting up. But it worries me that it has taken the mediation [...]


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