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The Law, The Media… and Social Media: Bringing Balance to Campaigning

With the recent victory we had over Friends Life, it’s been a busy time talking about the campaign and thinking through more deeply what lessons can be learned from it. I’ve got a blog piece up over at the Huffington Post talking about the story behind the campaign, but I wanted to highlight one key [...]


Super-Injunctions: Is The Whole Truth Always Desirable?

The debacle over super-injunctions and ‘An Un-named Premiership Footballer‘ Ryan Giggs’ misdemeanours has raised interesting questions about truth and privacy in the age of social networks. The super-injunction dissolved because Giggs’ name got so widely spread via Twitter, and by a newspaper outside of English jurisdiction. But are we the better for it? We might [...]


Laws and Packaging | A Stranger Reflects on American Life 2

[ Laws and Packaging 1 ] I am a stranger in the US. But, as Georg Simmell says, perhaps strangers can offer insights that natives can’t see. Not that these things aren’t also problems in the UK. But that’s for some other stranger to point out. The first thing that’s hit me each time I’ve [...]


Laws and Packaging | A Stranger Reflects on American Life 1

I’ve been in New York a few days now, and part of me feels it’s too short a time to make any sense of what I’m seeing, too soon to have any valid critique. But then I read Georg Simmell, who notes that the stranger in our midst is important because they ‘hold up a [...]


Chelsea, Fletcher & a Sermon on Romans

The events of the two Champions League semi finals this week seem to be perhaps the best sermon on Romans I’ve heard for a long time. For those who didn’t see or simply don’t care, Darren Fletcher was sent off for a challenge that turned out on the replays to be perfectly legal. In the [...]