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Is Institutional Religion An Out-Moded Technology? Apple 7 on 15th Sept…

Apple, the series of events I’ve been organising with some others, is back for another three dates. The idea behind Apple is simple: to get theology to engage with technology and social process. We’ve covered diverse ground such as social networks, the Large Hadron Collider, grey ecology, Heidegger and gadgetry. With this new series –

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Reflections on Apple2 : Heidegger : Technology

Excellent time at Apple2 last night. Alistair Duncan from The Garden kick-started proceedings with an introduction to Heidegger’s philosophical framework, and how this impacted his thinking on technology later on in his life after the scandals surrounding Nazism had died down a little. Though his later language is more poetry than hard logic, Heidegger is

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