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  • Football As Religion | Pele as God

    I’ve been asked to contribute to what might be best described as a theological dictionary of culture – coming out sometime at the end of the year I think – and one of the entries I’ve take on is football, through the lens of perhaps its greatest player, Pele. Nice to be able to pass of…

  • ‘The Purpose of Life’ according to Nick Hornby


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    England draw against the USA – life doesn’t lose all meaning at this point, but it’s great to have good cheer restored in me by, in an act of footballing-literary serendipity, Nick Hornby. His Stuff I’ve Been Reading column in The Believer each month was a genuine highlight. Always funny, always erudite, always an inspiration…

  • Chelsea, Fletcher & a Sermon on Romans



    The events of the two Champions League semi finals this week seem to be perhaps the best sermon on Romans I’ve heard for a long time. For those who didn’t see or simply don’t care, Darren Fletcher was sent off for a challenge that turned out on the replays to be perfectly legal. In the…