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Emerging Church and the Holy Spirit [4]

The language of the Spirit has been hijacked by the charismatic/pentecostal movement, which is probably why people in Emerging circles have been shy of using it. What some of them appear to have seen from their side of the fence is that this shyness amounts to a rejection of the Spirit, and what they interpret [...]


Emerging Church and the Holy Spirit [3]

In the last post on this I tried to argue that we need to re-imagine our language of spiritual gifts, and used some of Lewis Hyde’s thinking on gift to consider how, in fact, any transaction that occurs in the ‘gift economy’ is actually rooted in God’s breathing into us. When you let someone into [...]


Emerging Church and the Holy Spirit [2]

I ended the last post – which was a critique of Chris Simmons’ article in Christianity accusing the Emerging Church of lacking power manifestations, and thus lacking the Spirit – by arguing that we needed a fresh understanding of the concept of ‘gift’. It is only by doing this that we can prevent the hijack [...]


Is the Emerging Church Lacking the Spirit? [1]

EC and Spirit [2] | EC and Spirit [3] | EC and Spirit [4] Any visit to my parents’ house requires the customary penance to be done: reading all the Christian press that they subscribe to. October’s Christianity carried an article which questioned whether the Emerging Church was lacking the Spirit. Their much-used stock graphic [...]