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‘The Greatest Trick…’ Crucifixion as Misdirection | Religion as Illusion [3]

Religion as Illusion [ 1 ] |  Religion as Illusion [ 2 ] I watched The Prestige again last night, and was even more impressed by it second time around – it really is a magnificent film, and, for me, more interesting than Nolan’s next work Inception. Some of the reaction to this mini-series of [...]


Carnivals come cheap: Zizek Visits Occupy Wall Street… And Cannot Speak.

  Interesting video here showing Slavoj Zizek at the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York. His speech can be read in full here, but what I love about the video is that, for some technological reason no doubt, he cannot himself speak. The crowd around him who can hear directly have to shout out [...]


The Pirates’ Gospel

Thought it would be good to catch people up a little on what I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks. As you’ll know if you’ve read here for any time, one of my areas of interest is around pirates and piracy. I posted a series entitled ‘A Plea for Christian Piracy’ some time [...]


An Emerged Theology: Can We Actually Say Anything about God?

Nice bit of banter going on between Tony Jones and Pete Rollins, where Tony challenged Pete to ‘give up atheism for Lent’. Outlining what this might look like, he requests: I’d like Pete to post some beautiful, flowery prayers on his blog. I’d like Pete to make some conclusive claims about the characteristics of God. [...]


London Nights | Zizek and Apple

London is continually fascinating. As humans we are always quick to project personalities onto our creations; London the person is complex, darkly funny, steeped in history, welcoming all but criticising many, intelligent, crafty… a heavy drinker who enjoys the night. ‘London Nights‘ looks like a brilliant series of 10 radio programmes, looking at the city [...]


The Emerging Church is just a Marketing Phenomenon

A very interesting post popped up on the theology site ‘An Und Fur Sich’ yesterday, which was a quick critique posted by Brad Johnson, after his investigation into the movement prompted by ‘a mixture of morbid and genuine curiosity.’ His single perspective was to read Pete Rollins’ books, and his comments spring basically out of [...]


How to be Happy [2] | Out of the ashes of Communism and Christianity

Thanks for the comments on the post about happiness the other day. I’ve been mulling over the idea of happiness, and why we are perhaps the most unhappy society ever, and linking it to a new direction my thinking seems to be being drawn in. As I’ve written before, I’m really interested in the charred [...]


Hitler Youth | Rebuilding the Structure | The Problem of the Next Generation

In the previous post I tried to explore how Christian community could move away from the sociopathic tendencies it naturally develops in worship of an omnipotent God by a passive congregation directed through a ‘hero’ priest. In doing so I proposed that what we find in the radical Marxist view of Christianity is a community [...]


A Plea for Christian Piracy [4]

[ Piracy 1 ] [ Piracy 2 ] [ Piracy 3 ] Pirates are so hated by corporations because they represent a critique of the capitalist establishment, an insurrection by those who have been marginalised by the supertanker of economic growth and greed. It is well known that pirates robbed ships and made off with [...]