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  • It’s Time To Reclaim Guy Fawkes Night

    Seems to be an annual posting I know (see 2010‘s and 2009‘s!) but I’m really passionate about reclaiming Guy Fawkes night. Why? Partly because it’s very very English. This is not imported, it’s not some pagan festival that the Christians co-opted, and it’s not something that can be easily marketed and commodified by Supermarkets –…

  • Going Up in Smoke | Guy Fawkes and the Protest Against Power-Abuse



    This time last year I asked what might be a suitable guiding thought as we headed for bonfires and fireworks in this peculiarly English celebration on 5th November. A year ago it was a time for lamenting the parlous state of our democracy: Nick Griffin’s BNP sweetening the fascist message again, government advisors being sacked…