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The Burning Issue… Has Terry Jones Thought This Through?

The unfolding drama about the potential burning of copies of the Qu’ran tomorrow throws up some very very interesting issues. The wonderfully-tached Terry Jones has named 9/11 ‘International Burn A Koran Day’ but the event appears to be on hold for a while while he fields calls from high-ranking government officials and leading Muslims. Not bad [...]


Mashing Up Text [3] | Hold On, Isn’t That The Qur’an?

[ Mash Up 1 ] [ Mash Up 2 ] In the previous two posts I’ve been trying to explore what our relationship is to text, especially when the text we are reading is ‘too comfortable’. David Shields has been trying to shock people into re-thinking what next for literature in his manifesto, Reality Hunger, [...]


Mashing Up Text [2] | Sola Scriptura?

In the previous post I raised the issue of reality in our reading of texts. David Shields’ latest book Reality Hunger forces the reader to think carefully about what is true, what is original and what is stolen by virtue (or otherwise, depending on your point of view) of it’s lack of referencing of other [...]


Mashing Up Text [1] | Reality Hunger

[ Mash Up 2 ] [ Mash Up 3 ] In case you missed it, there has been something of a storm raging in some parts of the world of letters over David Shields’ new book: Reality Hunger. Why? Because in this brave manifesto, he takes on the future of literature by means of ‘some [...]


It’s Not the Word That Speaks | Genesis, Literally

In the previous post I blogged about a fascinating book review in The Believer in which the reviewer was given just the text – no author, no past publications list, no endorsements and no well-designed cover. The text had to literally speak for itself, and, as someone who is about to be published again, I [...]


Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover, Literally | Stripping

This month’s issue of The Believer is one of the best for some time, and carries one of the most interesting book reviews I’ve read for ages. The book being reviewed is Momus’ Book of Jokes, but what makes the review so interesting is that the reviewer was given no information about the book at [...]