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Christiania | The Violence of Heaven [ 2 ]

Violence of Heaven [ 1 ] I opened the first post with the story of Christiania – a ‘micro-nation’ in the centre of Copenhagen that has been going since the early 1970s. Seen as a ‘social experiment’ by the generally left-leaning governments of Denmark, it is now under increasing threat from more right-wing administrations, as [...]


Christiania | The Violence of Heaven [ 1 ]

As promised yesterday, a post about a brilliant piece by Porter Fox in this month’s Believer about the micro-nation ‘Christiania.’ Christiania began when a group of Danes broke down fences to a long-abandoned military base in the centre of Copenhagen and started to use some of the space as a playground for their children. Covering [...]


‘The Purpose of Life’ according to Nick Hornby

England draw against the USA – life doesn’t lose all meaning at this point, but it’s great to have good cheer restored in me by, in an act of footballing-literary serendipity, Nick Hornby. His Stuff I’ve Been Reading column in The Believer each month was a genuine highlight. Always funny, always erudite, always an inspiration [...]


It’s Not the Word That Speaks | Genesis, Literally

In the previous post I blogged about a fascinating book review in The Believer in which the reviewer was given just the text – no author, no past publications list, no endorsements and no well-designed cover. The text had to literally speak for itself, and, as someone who is about to be published again, I [...]


Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover, Literally | Stripping

This month’s issue of The Believer is one of the best for some time, and carries one of the most interesting book reviews I’ve read for ages. The book being reviewed is Momus’ Book of Jokes, but what makes the review so interesting is that the reviewer was given no information about the book at [...]


From the Archives: Digital Art = ‘End of the Original’?

Been digging through a few old posts recently and came across something I’d written nearly 4 years ago now which I thought I’d give another airing – all about digital art and the ‘end of the original.’ Check the source code for the link at the end of the post. Just love it.


Video Gaming, Novels and the lack of Psychological Empathy

Just watched Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe – a sideways history of video games. It’s hilarious, if rather pointless, but does brilliantly bemoan the lack of high-quality narrative in most games. It reminded my of a fantastic piece on video games in the ever-fabulous Believer Magazine. In it, video game journalist Heather Chaplin notes: ‘Video games are [...]


The End of the Long Form | Radiohead | Albums are a Drag

In an interview with The Believer magazine, which has yet to pop through my door annoyingly, Thom York has commented that Radiohead will probably not release another album. His reason? Making albums has ‘just become a real drag,’ and ‘none of us want to go into that creative hoo-ha of a long-play record again.’ As [...]