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Revolutionaries or Decorators? | Art, Brutality and Transformation

Been meaning to post something on this for a few weeks: on holiday this summer I read (recommended by an Italian friend) Michel Houellebecq’s novel The Possibility of an Island. He’s a very good but pretty bleak writer, with a very disturbing vision of humanity. The TLS describe the book as ‘a charging bull in [...]


In the Beginning… Wasn’t the Word | Kind of Blue

Driving back from Suffolk yesterday I had on a podcast from Radiolab, which took the subject of ‘colour’ as a launchpad into various pieces. One of them was the fascinating idea of tetra-chromatics, women (and can only be women) who are born with 4 different receptor cones in their eyes – Red, Blue, Green…and Yellow. [...]


The Society of the Spectacle(s)

Ended up going to see Orbital last night – some nice throwback tunes in the rather odd, but acoustically brilliant Royal Albert Hall. The gig was good, but as is normal with this sort of ‘live’ electronic stuff, there’s not a lot to look at musically, and with the beats going around my mind starting [...]


Piss Christ | Sanitising Death and Torture

Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ is back in the news again after Christian fundamentalists took a hammer to a print of it in a gallery in France. If you’ve never seen the photograph ‘up close’ then I’d highly recommend it. It’s far more beautiful than the title suggests, and a subtle piece of trickster-work. It is [...]


A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything… In Biro

This is just amazing. An AS-Level Art project. 2100 pages of flick-book. He got full marks, obviously. In conclusion: life is violent. Always has been. Ouch. HT Martin Wroe.


From the Archives: Digital Art = ‘End of the Original’?

Been digging through a few old posts recently and came across something I’d written nearly 4 years ago now which I thought I’d give another airing – all about digital art and the ‘end of the original.’ Check the source code for the link at the end of the post. Just love it.


One and Other | 4th Plinth | The State of the Nation

I happened across the Anthony Gormley ‘piece’ in London’s Trafalgar Square today: ‘One and Other.’ The idea is presented on a plaque: There is a live stream of what is going on at any one time here. Here (19:15 on 15th July) we see a woman dressed up as a lollipop lady waving at people: [...]