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A Core Suite of Tools – Is Tech Plateauing?

A piece in today’s Independent got me thinking today about the core suite of tools that we might deem are irreducible. The article argues that Apple needs to do again what it did with the iPod, iPhone etc. and create a device that fills a desire we didn’t know we had. I need to think [...]


‘Death is very likely one of the best inventions of life’

I’m aware of the cult of mac dangers of sychophancy today… but also wanted to mark the passing of someone who did have a big impact on who are and how we live today, both positive and negative. This speech, given to Stanford graduates in 2005, is moving and prescient, but what I want to [...]


Hooked on Gadgets | Surfing the Net or the Net Serfing Us?

An excellent article in the New York Times the other day – ‘Hooked on Gadgets and Paying a Mental Price‘ – which explores the mental and relational cost of screen-addiction, plotting the story of one family who are all, in their own way, too hooked on gadgets: Mr. Campbell continues to struggle with the effects [...]


New Apple Dates Announced | Thinking Deeply About Technology

Really pleased to announce that we’ve sorted out three new dates for Apple events over the next couple of months. The idea behind Apple is to get people thinking more reflectively about technology – whether that be digital culture or tool-use. Humans are tool-makers, and the technologies we use form us, just as we form [...]


I(con) of the Month: Apple | Selling Us Our Desires

Alongside the piece on Alan Turing, I also have another short article in Third Way this month as part of their ‘icon of the month’ series. Following the much-feted launch of the iPad, it’s about Apple. Apple are an increasingly intriguing company. They are a huge multinational – bigger than Sony or Samsung – yet [...]


Looking Into The #iPad and Seeing Our Own Reflection

[Cartoon by Dave Walker.] In the last couple of posts I’ve been thinking about what the form of texts add to their meaning, springboarding from a book reviewing experiment in The Believer in which the reviewer was given a novel to read which had been stripped of its cover and all meta-data about the author. [...]


New Year, New Focus | Red Apple, Green Apple

Last year was about writing the book, due out in June. There’ll be more of that here in good time. But I think it’s clearer now what this year’s focus could be. From some of the embers of Vaux a few of us began Apple, a series of conversations around ideas of technology and theology. [...]


Apple 1 | Yoga Weekend

The first Apple event went really well last night – thanks to everyone who came along and fertilized it with some great ideas. Looking good for the future. And thanks especially to Danny at Salt for giving us a great place to hold it. The next date is provisionally 15th October, so get it in [...]


Apple 1 | i/object | This Thursday

Really excited that the a new Vaux production is getting off the ground this Thursday. ‘Apple’ is about two things: technology and theology. We make our tools, and our tools make us. As we head into this new-media networked age, we need to do some careful and radical thinking about the impact virtual presence and [...]