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Year 11 Lessons | A Teacher’s Tale

Crimes and misdemeanors. There were lots of things that went wrong that day, some serious, some not so. But two needed dealing with. Two were serious enough to warrant a call back after school and a detention. You have to sort things quickly. No point punishing the crime ages after the event. Children like that [...]


‘Other’ – a Book for a Post 9/11 World

As we come round to 10 years since 9/11 I wanted to do a quick plug of Other, for the simple reason that it meets head on the challenges of living in a world where difference so desperately needs to be understood. Whether it’s personal issues of depression or the alienating effects of technology, or [...]


Prayer for Those Who Burn

Burning Men To those obsessed with fire to the book-burners and plane hijackers the flag-lighters and napalm sprayers: you are no children of the gods. Your father is not Prometheus your gift is not the divine spark lifted from behind mean Zeus’ back fanned out on the earth in good cooked food and light in [...]