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Aside from blog posts, I also publish on other online platforms such as Medium and The Huffington Post, as well as in print media too.

Links to a selection of recent content below.

Satire Should Never Look Down – Reflections on Engaging ‘the other’ Post-Charlie

‘What kind of persons do we need to be to live in harmony with others?’

Freely We Shall Give Digital Content, Because Freely We Might Take Away

‘Here’s my problem with the world of Kindle: Amazon just completely pwned your library. You handed over the keys to your intellectual and literary storehouse to a technology company that has other interests at heart.’

No, Rob Bell, The Universe is Not Rigged in Your Favour

‘Rob wants ‘the cross’ to be a sign that the universe will one day be reconciled. My view is a more radical one: the cross symbolises the death of all hopes that some grand force will do this work of reconciliation for us. The cross is the place not where Jesus Son of God dies, but where all our gods die, all our great hopes of rescue and redemption by the Maharashi, Capitalism, Chairman Mao, the iPhone 7, Jesus or crack.’