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Mutiny! Why We Love Pirates and How They Can Save Us is available right now.

‘Lyrical and lucid… a startlingly original work’ – Third Way Magazine.

You can get it here (sorry – hand-printed hardbacks not currently available) :

Paperback: Lulu | |

Ebook: Lulu |  Kindle (US / Canada) |  Kindle (UK)  |  iBookstore  &  Nook – follow links from your device!

Or you can ask your bookstore to stock a copy, quoting the ISBN: 978-0-9559813-7-1

There is no big ad budget or marketing push behind the book – in true pirate style it’s going to rely on more under-the-radar information networks… So any reviews you can write, or links you can spread around your social networks – it’d all be appreciated!

As to why I self-published, rather than use my normal publisher, you can read all about it here.

Here’s the TEDx Talk I did on pirate culture in April 2013 – and below it a talk on ‘Pirates and Prodigals’ – examining the radical theological implications of pirate culture. Enjoy!

Pirates and Prodigals from Fuller Seminary on Vimeo.

  1. Guy Georges Voet

    Thanks for these great videos, kevin. Now i must be bad in the head, because i shouldn’t feel better by listening to your Radical Theology story, but i do! The real problem (for me, i guess) is that i also feel better by listening to the Radical Orthodoxy story! Now, am i bad in the head, or do the two radicalisms somehow relate well in your good heads also? Thank you Peter and Barry, also

  2. Jackie Velnoskey

    Dear Kester,
    My name is Jackie Velnoskey. I saw that you have written Mutiny! Why We Love Pirates, and How They Can Save Us. My question for you is: may I promote the book at the American Library Association’s Midwinter Meeting & Exhibition in Boston, early January? Is costs you nothing. All I’m asking you in return is if we may add you to our book marketing email list.
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    –Jackie Velnoskey
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    Frederick, MD 21705

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