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Mutiny! Info here…

Mutiny! Why We Love Pirates and How They Can Save Us is available right now.

‘Lyrical and lucid… a startlingly original work’ – Third Way Magazine.

You can get it here (sorry – hand-printed hardbacks not currently available) :

Paperback: Lulu | |

Ebook: Lulu |  Kindle (US / Canada) |  Kindle (UK)  |  iBookstore  &  Nook – follow links from your device!

Or you can ask your bookstore to stock a copy, quoting the ISBN: 978-0-9559813-7-1

There is no big ad budget or marketing push behind the book – in true pirate style it’s going to rely on more under-the-radar information networks… So any reviews you can write, or links you can spread around your social networks – it’d all be appreciated!

As to why I self-published, rather than use my normal publisher, you can read all about it here.

Here’s the TEDx Talk I did on pirate culture in April 2013 – and below it a talk on ‘Pirates and Prodigals’ – examining the radical theological implications of pirate culture. Enjoy!

Pirates and Prodigals from Fuller Seminary on Vimeo.