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Blog Series

Blogging seems to have tended towards the shorter form over the years, with Twitter the final solution to digital verbage: keep it to 104 characters or I ain’t interested.

Personally I’m not interested in that, and these series of posts are part of a continued passion I have for people engaging with longer forms of writing; serialization appears to be the best way to keep things manageable. Hope you enjoy them.

Dost Thou Blog Too Much?

Leadership in a Self-Organizing System

Is The Emerging Church Hopelessly Utopian?

Guns, Germs, Steel and Power Religion: The Hunter-Gatherer Eucharist

On Meaning: Is There Absolute Truth?

The End of Strategy: Paul, Constantine and Power Religion

Neophiliacs: Emerging Church and Fantasy Cycles

Insert Coin: Church as Game

Emerging Church and the Holy Spirit

Gift, The Market, and Plunder

Gravity and Grace: Special and General Relativity