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Is All This Sharing Really… Sharing?

Quick thought on the ubiquity of sharing… Retweets, reposts, links, shares… there are countless ways to propagate information, funny stories, things of interest (and obviously I rely on that for people to end up reading here.) But I began thinking yesterday… all of these shares are ‘non rivalrous.’ A rivalrous good, in economics, is one [...]


‘We Need Books That Hit Us Like a Painful Misfortune’

Interesting article on Ceasefire looking at Zizek and de Botton, which includes this great quote from Kafka: “Altogether, I think we ought to read only books that bite and sting us. If the book we are reading doesn’t shake us awake like a blow to the skull, why bother reading it in the first place? [...]



Some sensational updates to the post yesterday on the 3D holographic resurrection of Tupac:  it’s not a hologram at all, but a very sophisticated 2D projection. Still an incredible effect, but no R2D2 / Princess Leah show just yet. However, tucked away at the bottom of a Wall Street Journal article on the subject, which [...]


Holographic Resurrection | Tupac, R2D2 and Pirate Performance

I have to say, I’m pretty stunned… I really didn’t know this was yet possible, but there’s a great piece in The Independent today about the holographic resurrection of Tupac Shakur at the recent Coachella festival – using technology developed by the British firm Musion. The footage above – start around 15 seconds in – [...]


Mu… and the art of Unasking

I’ve been reading Brian Christian’s excellent book The Most Human Human over the past week or so – inspired by the very good Radiolab on ‘Talking to Machines.’ One thought from it that’s made me think a lot is the concept of the Japanese word mu. It comes in a section where Christian is describing [...]


Gifts, Not Exchanges

Interesting debate going on about charitable giving in the UK. The recent coalition government’s budget set a cap on the amount of money that people can give and get tax relief for…and charities have responded with concerns that this will reduce the amount of money they receive. In a weird parallel story, a supermarket have [...]


The Society of the Spectacle(s)

Ended up going to see Orbital last night – some nice throwback tunes in the rather odd, but acoustically brilliant Royal Albert Hall. The gig was good, but as is normal with this sort of ‘live’ electronic stuff, there’s not a lot to look at musically, and with the beats going around my mind starting [...]


Seriously, God, Why HAVE you Forsaken Me? | Challenging the OCD Divinity | Dirt

Quick thought around Easter…which is, when one thinks about it, a pretty bizarre religious festival, unfolding a complex, gruesome, politically charged and then miraculous narrative. For some time my friend Pete Rollins has focused quite a lot of his theological thinking around Jesus’ cry from the cross about being forsaken. “My god, my god, why [...]