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Is Work Wrong? | Labour, Class and Capital Punishment

Not had much time to post – flat out at work preparing for a school inspection, and reading and writing when I can too. All of which ironically brings me to post about the very idea of work… It starts with rather a good story, which I hope you’ll bear with before I try to [...]


Car Park: a brutal symbol of a capitalist problem

I ended up on the 7th floor of a multi-story car park in Peckham this evening, at an event hosted by Bold Tendencies, which looked at the car parks from an architectural and anthropological point of view. One contributor made the point that the problem of car parking only became such as Henry Ford developed [...]


Is it wrong to be a man?

I’ve been reflecting a bit on the conversation about the ‘Year of Opposition’, and the comments in particular that dealt with gender imbalance. What has really struck me about the above conversation is that all the voices are male. And I wonder whether the language of “thrashing things out” and the imagery of the boxing [...]


Should Musicians Get Paid?

As part of the book I’m writing at the moment I’ve been reading and thinking quite a lot about the idea of what ‘property’ is, and how this relates to the arts – and music in particular. Just the other day a new legal ruling was passed that ensured that ageing crooners like Sir Cliff [...]


‘Other’ – a Book for a Post 9/11 World

As we come round to 10 years since 9/11 I wanted to do a quick plug of Other, for the simple reason that it meets head on the challenges of living in a world where difference so desperately needs to be understood. Whether it’s personal issues of depression or the alienating effects of technology, or [...]


9/11 :: The Shock of the Real?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, and in the last few days how it might relate to the discussion of whether ‘newness’ is possible. This isn’t meant as an holistic critique or discussion of the events all those years ago, instead I’ve been drawn to thinking about the [...]


Radical or Conservative: What Do These Terms Mean? | Is Newness Possible

Rather than put this in the comments of the previous post, I wanted to focus in on a key point around the terms ‘conservative’ and ‘radical’ that came out of that discussion. I’m not going to pretend that I have an answer, but I’ve been wondering if there is any mileage in thinking about it [...]


Into the ‘Year of Opposition’ – The Backlash Begins?

I’ve been reflecting a little on Greenbelt – not so much on the talks that were going on, but on the conversations I fell into and around in the pub and other places. It’s here, in the ‘interstitial festival’ that the truth is often heard more clearly. (Tricky really: you can’t programme these spaces – [...]


From Christ to Coke… What is an Icon?

Running around like crazy trying to get things sorted for a new academic year (I’m teaching full time now, by the way, so writing going to be even more stretched) – but wanted to flag up a piece in Prospect that caught my eye. It’s a review of From Christ to Coke: How Image Becomes [...]