The Open Office ¦ Liturgy Share

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Arh012_y The Artists Formely Known as Vaux have just launched a project called The Open Office. (Here’s one of us at work 😉

What we’re hoping to achieve is simple: an open-source, online space to resource a liturgical rhythm of life. A monastic office… but for the emerging city.

Over the years we’ve written a whole load of great pieces, and it seemed a shame that they were only really used once. And over the course of this year we are trying to create new pieces for whatever’s going on: daily prayer, birthdays, dedications of children… even A Prayer for a Meal on a Tired Evening After a Day of Struggles in the City. A full list of what’s there so far is [ here ].

But this is about us; the aim is for as many groups as possible to join and share their resources too. If you’d like to be able to post, leave a comment here or email theopenoffice {at} vaux [dot] net and we’ll send you an author invitation. Include the name of your group so we can add a category for you. Then read the posting guidelines and get sharing.


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