Kester Brewin is a freelance writer and broadcaster.

  ‘High Flight‘ – on Something Understood,
November 2014, feat. Simon Critchley.

His latest book Getting High will be published in 2015, and is an exploration of the human quest for altitude, examined through the lens of the 1960s.

Previous books include:

After Magic: Moves Beyond Super-Nature from Batman to Shakespeare

Mutiny! Why We Love Pirates and How They Can Save Us

Other: Embracing Difference in a Fractured World

In 2013 he spoke on piracy and ‘the commons’ at TEDx Exeter.

His short stories have been broadcast on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Short Cuts,’ and in November 2014 he wrote and presented a 30 minute meditation on flight for ‘Something Understood.’

Kester also teaches mathematics in South East London and has been a long-time consultant for BBC Education, focusing on applications of technology in the classroom.

All enquiries regarding should initially be directed to @kesterbrewin.

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